This game holds a long playtime for itself.....

It's a Game that where making with the Style of Arcade Brick Breaker's, but in a new jacked!, It's "atm" include:

- 300+ Level's

- Loads of Function's, like Lazer's, Exploding Ball's (Fireballs), Colorball's, The Rare PowerUp! (Give's you the most random (or not) things you can imagine) it can make bricks fall down, it can give you a jackpot, and much more..

- And much more..

Control's are:

At start screen = Click with Left mouse button on Start!.

Left/Right = Moving to the left and/or right.

Up = Shooting Lazer's, When having the Upgrade.

Spacebar = Shooting the Ball, For when it's waiting for you!..

That's all for now, Goodluck.. Arcade Fans.. :P

Gr.IGS-DB Team.